Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris : Si Kabayan & Si Iteng

Mungkin sobat tengah mencari artikel ini untuk membantu tugas sekolah, kuliah, atau keperluan lainnya. DB kasih disini Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris yang berjudul Si Kabayan & Si Iteng. Tetaplah hargai kreatifitas naskah drama tersebut dengan mencantumkan penulis skenario drama Debe Dilacious. Semoga bermanfaat dan membantu. Ini dia naskahnya :

Si Kabayan & Si Iteng

    Once upon a time there lived a man named kabayan, a funny and a honest guy who love Iteng Surikin, a cute girl from his village. They are really close and Kabayan now  realize about his feeling.  He start loving her, he cannot stop thinking about her. He always miss her everytime, he want her so much to be his wife, but he don’t know how to say it, until one day...
    (Kabayan and Iteng in a rice field, walking together and chit chat each other. Kabayan sing a song, iteng hear it seiously.)
Kabayan    : Nyi Iteng, Kabayan teh want to ask something to you.
Iteng          : Naon akang, What is it?
Kabayan    : What is your ambition in the future?
Iteng          : My ambition? I wanna be an artist, an international celebrity.
Kabayan    : Hah? Really? So, if you do that, then how about me?
Iteng          : Sorry but I  don’t understand what you mean.
Kabayan    : A..aa.. anu..  Is it okay if you become an artist? I mean you are a woman, have you  ever
thought about have a family? A husband? Married with someone maybe?
Iteng          : I don’t know. I never thought about it.

    (Iteng only smile and let the question gone. Kabayan feels sad because of her. He thinks he have no chance to be her lover and maybe Iteng never have the same feeling. )
    Along time before he can start and encourage himself to say his feeling, the time is lost. Iteng will go to Jakarta and make her dreams come true, she will be an artist, she decided to join a contest of miss celebrity 2013 in Jakarta. Now, Kabayan feels suffer more than before.
    ( In iteng’s house she try to tell her parents aboout her willing. She hope her parents will give her permission to join the contest. )
Iteng        : Ambu, Iteng want to join  Miss Celebrity 2013 in Jakarta.
Ambu       : Are you serious?
Iteng        : Yes, Ambu. I’m very serious.
Ambu       : We konw that Jakarta is very dangerous for comer people. You are alone there.
Abah        : Yes, sweety. We don’t want something happen to you.
Iteng        : Abah, ambu... Don’t worry about it, Iteng can take care myself.
Abah & Ambu    : If it is the best for you do it and we’ll always pray for you.

    ( Kabayan Suddenly arrive and screaming to Abah with his worried face.)
Kabayan    : Abah, don’t let her ... Don’t let her go away from me, Abah ! Please... Help me.
Abah        : I can’t do anything for you Kabayan because it is her choice.
Kabayan    : Oh no...
    ( Kabayan screaming loudly and staring Iteng’s shadow gone. He just crying and Iteng go with her smile.)
    After that Iteng in Jakarta start to fill a form in registration of Miss Celebrity 2013. But than she realize that she is the only one who get the attention more than some other contestants.
Contestant I    : look at that girl ! she looks very countrified!
Contestant II    : Oh my god ! How pity you are! Are you from planet mars ?
    ( They make fun of her. They laughing and underestimate her so much. )
    Looking at the situation at that palce, Iteng really fells sad. She crying like a baby, she knows that she is only a girl from village and looks countrified, she will never win the  contest.
    But unpredictable moment happened, in a bright light  a fairy appears with her smile and her stick.
Fairy            : Oh come on girl, don’t cry...
Iteng            : Hah? Who are you?
          (Asked Iteng suprised)
Fairy           : I am a beautiful, sweet, and lovely fairy from the sky.
          ( She is very naughty and digusting)
Iteng           : How come you can be here?
Fairy           : Hello...! I am a fairy, I can do anything. Because you need a help so I came to help you. Wait a minute!
    ( The Fairy  take a brathe and start to do something, she looks serious now.)
Fairy           : Semriwing.. Semriwing.. semriwing.. semriwing... semriwing...semriwing..!
    Fastly a magic makes Iteng’s difference she becomes so modis and looks beautiful, she never imagined it before.
Iteng           : Thank you fairy !
    ( Iteng hugs the fairy tightly, they smile happily.)
Fairy           : You’re welcome honey.
    The ceremony start  and all of the contestants walk in a catwalk like a supermodel. They are beautiful. Iteng get more attention from others again, but now because of her beauty. She looks awesome. Some other contestants surprised to her new look too.
Contestant I    : Impossible ! How can she changes like that?
Contestant II   : Huh, not beautiful than me!

 to be continued...
Cerita ini lumayan panjang karena Contoh Naskah Drama dalam Bahasa Inggris ini benar - benar membutuhkan improvisasi yang luar biasa, maka sangat disarankan untuk melakukannya dengan lebih rapi. Menulisnya agak sedikit capek, makanya untuk naskah drama ini tidak komplit semua dialognya. Silahkan dilengkapi sendiri ya... lanjut membaca, kalau merasa kesulitan dalam bahasa inggris ini, silahkan gunakan google translate diblog ini.

    ( Time for  host to open the show.)
MC                : Okay guys, now we start.  The time to show the talents of all the contestans here. For the first, Giving  aplause to contestant I, Miss Call  !
    ( Contestant I walk with smile and ready to show her talent.)
Jury               : Ok,  Miss Call, now show us your ability in acting. I give you the story like this. Your            boyfriend was died, so you feel really sad about it.
    ( Miss Call crying naturaly and make everypeople sad and enjoy her acting)
Jury               : Oh my dear, you are very good. I must learn it from you maybe. Crying so natural like that!
Contestant I    : Thank you.
MC                : Giving aplause to the first contestant, please. Now the second contestant, Miss You.
    ( Miss You walk and attracted every eyes in the room with her graceful.)
Jury                : Miss You, you show us  how you angry when your boyfriend  take a dinner with another girl. They look very intimate and you watch it by yourself.
    ( Contestant II give the best acting to the audience )
Contestant II    : Shut Up! Stupid boy I don’t want to see you again ! Go to hell !
Jury                 : Wow, fantastic. You are a good actress, I’m afraid now.
MC                 : Very good,  then the last contestant, Miss Kin, please giving aplause.
    (Contestant III walk slowly and show her beauty to everyone.)
Jury                 : Hello Miss Kin, your name is Iteng Surikin, right?
Contestant III  : Yes.
Jury                 :  Please show us how to be crazy !
    ( Contestant III give her best in acting until she looks like a crazy girl now.)
Jury                 :  Awesome! I don’t know what to say. You look awesome!
    ( Kabayan suddenly enter the stage and walk slowly, He searching for Iteng.)
Kabayan         : Iteng... Iteng.... Where are you? I’m coming for you, where are you Iteng?
Host                : Who are you ? What are you doing here? We’re shooting now!
Kabayan         : Shooting ? Ooh... There are so many camera here.... Abah, Ambu...
                         I’m here... I’m at TV now...  Look at me, Abah... Ambu... Yeyeyeyeye... !
Host                : Oh no ! The sho is live, don’t do that !
Iteng                : Eh... Kabayan go out now ! you are trouble maker ! You’ve broken my dreams.
                         I will kill you now !
Contestant I    : Hit him !
Contestan II    : Come on, Kick him out !
Kabayan         : Oh no..... I’m Sorry Iteng, I never meant to do that... Iteng, don’t leave me alone here....

    Finaly the show is end without any winner and the competition change into a mess.

Drama ini keren, karena yang nulis dramanya juga adalah penulis yang keren :) Bahasa Inggris yang digunakan juga tidak terlalu sulit (Simple) jadi memudahkan sobat untuk mempelajarinya. Semoga Contoh Naskah Drama dalam Bahasa Inggris ini berguna dan bermanfaat.

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